Meg, A Blessing To All!

What a wonderful moment it was when Meg stood before us, thanked us for our support of ECHO’s Intern Program, and shared with us her dreams about returning to Cambodia after leaving ECHO.  Her internship at ECHO ends at the end of February.

She summarized outstanding and memorable moments and experiences that she has had over the past 14 months as an ECHO intern.  She spoke so warmly of her faith journey and of her desire to follow God’s will in her life.  Pastor Attila prayed a special blessing on her and we presented her with a prayer shawl as a special parting gift.  What a powerful day it was!
If you missed being there on Sunday, please tune in and view the service on You Tube.
The donations in the ECHO Jar on Sunday were astounding and heartwarming!  The contributions totaled $318!!  We are so pleased and thankful to all who participated so generously!  Thank you, thank you!


Sharon Miller for the Mission Committee

More Mission News

Our February mission is Holy Joe’s Cafe.  We will have a Mission Moment at the beginning of our service on February 12th and an opportunity to make donations toward this worthwhile cause.

Norma Beach, Missions Chair

A Special Time

Are you a 24 hour a day care giver for a loved one?  Would you like a break or someone to talk to?  If so, contact “A  Special Time” at (941) 268-4976.

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