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Live Services.  Live Services take place every Sunday at 10 AM.  Led by Rev. Attilla Szemesi, Pastor, with performances by our full choir led by our Choir Director, our dynamic services are thought provoking as well as uplifting.

Sunday School Classes.
 Sunday school classes for children are now on a summer break.  We will kick-off a new year with our Rally Day Celebration on Sunday, September 10th.  Children will begin the worship service at 10:00 a.m. with their parents and then, following the Children’s Message they are invited to attend Sunday School if they choose.  The first Sunday of every month children remain in worship with their parents to participate in Communion.  A Nursery is available for children ages 4 and under every Sunday.  

Recorded on the Internet.
 Each week, we record the service, and a copy is available on You Tube about 1:00 p.m each Sunday.  This means you can enjoy our Worship service any time of any day of the week that is convenient for you.  To view current and past services go to .


The NPCUCC takes pride in its state of the art video and sound system equipment and audio video operators!  Thank you to those who volunteer and to you who have donated to this project!  The You Tube services are for everyone!  Enjoy Sunday’s service again, mid-week, as a refresher of the prayerful and Biblical references given by Pastor Szemesi.  They are worth hearing more than once.