The goals of the Missions Team of NPCUCC includes:

1: to give Gods children the means and opportunity to answer God’s call upon their lives to serve those in need.  Matthew 25:31-46

2: to provide education regarding mission opportunities for different calls and abilities.

3: to do this without using guilt or shame to move people into service.  But, to help grow compassion and vision to live out our faith. James 2:14-26

4: To provide short term mission opportunities so that people might experience different types of mission in a successful, positive, safe experience.

Some of the ministries that we as a congregation are involved in include:

  1. Salvation Army
    1. Food pantry
    1. Bell ringing
  2. Mats for the homeless
  3. Prayer shawls
  4. Be Like Britt, an orphanage in Haiti
  5. Coffee Joes
  6. Christmas Boxes